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Tottori’s Most Amazing Views in Pictures

Tottori Prefecture is relatively smaller in size than other prefectures of Japan. However, its rich nature and culture is second to none. In the north of Tottori, you will see the beautiful coastal line with white sand and green pine trees like Tottori Sand Dunes. In the south, you will see a lot of mountains including Mt. Daisen, which is the highest mountain in Chugoku region. What makes the trip to Tottori unique is that you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of both sea and mountain.

The scenery looks different with seasons. Flowers bloom in spring, sea gets blue and mountain gets green in summer, leaves turn red in autumn, it snows in winter... If you visit the same spot in different season, you will find completely different and amazing scenery. The amazing views we introduce in this page is only a part of many great views in Tottori. Please visit Tottori with your camera, and find your own special views.