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The Tragedy and Resurrection of Okuninushi

Jealous Brothers Murder Okuninushi
As the white hare said, Okuninushi and Princess Yakami got married. His brothers were jealous and planned to murder him. His brothers asked Okuninushi to help them catch a wild red boar as they drove it down the mountain. However, the brothers had actually heated a boulder in the shape of a wild boar until it was red-hot. Then they flung it down the mountain at Okuninushi, who burned to death.

Resurrection by the Love of Mother
Okuninushi's mother Sashikuniwakahime was distraught with her son's death, and cried aloud to the Celestial Ruling Deities. They sent two goddess Kisagaihime and Umugihime to revive Okuninushi. Kisagaihime collected scraped powder of ark shells and Umugihime received it and applied mother's milk, then applied to Okuninushi. Then he was resurrected.

The boulder is said to be flung down at Okuninushi

Akaiiwa Shrine, built at the place of Okuninushi's resurrection

The Resurrection of Okuninushi Pilgrimage Tour
Akaiiwa Shrine (Akaiiwa Jinja)
Akaiiwa Shrine stands at a place where Okuninushi was murdered by jealous brothers.
It is believed that the spring water from Shimizui was used to resurrect Okuninushi.
Hatsukasan Mountain
Hatsukasan mountain lies next to Akaiiwa Shrine. There believed to be Princess Izanami's grave.

Who is Okuninushi?
Okuninushi is the descendant of Susanoo, a god well-known for the story of Yamata-no-orochi. He is regarded as the god of agriculture, commerce and medicine. According to Kojiki, the Izumo Grand Shrine was built as the home for Okuninushi after he passed the land to Amaterasu.

Okuninushi called by different names at different stages of its growth
Okuninushi has many different names. It is regarded that more names a god has , the stronger the god is. In the end, he got the name Okuninushi, which means lord of the Central Land.

○Okuninushi-no-okami... Lord of the Central Land
○Onamuchi-no-kami... Okuninushi was called Onamuchi when he helped the white hare.
○Omononushi-no-kami... The name represents "peace".
○Yachihoko-no-kami... The name represents "war".
○Ame-no-shita-tsukurashishi-okami... The name appears in "Izumo Fudoki".
○Utsukushi-nitama-no-kami...The name was given to Okuninushi by Susanoo.
○Kakurigoto-shiroshimesu-okami...The god of Purgatory and Underworld
○Ashihara-shikoo...The god of love affair