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Some Important Preparations for Your Trip

Exchange to Japanese Yen Before Arrival


Cashing Service on ATM


Credit Card Availability


Advenced Reservation Required Courses

reservationSome courses and activities require a reservation. Please read the information page of the course you intend to take, and if a reservation is required for an activity, make sure of the cut-off date or time for reservations. Please see the TOTTRIP homepage for more information.

Clothes and Shoes

shoes and clothesIf your course includes cycling, mountain climbing or some other outdoor activities, appropriate clothes and shoes are recommended. Please read the activity information pages carefully, and prepare accordingly. A backpack is strongly recommended when hiking up Mt Daisen, so is comfortable shoes like sneakers or walking shoes when sighteseeing around the Daisenji Temple area.

Battery charger and dry cell for your smartphone


Japanese plugs

plugStandard voltage used in Japan is 100V. The shape of plug is A.
Korea is 220V with the shape of C plug. Please prepare voltage inverter.
Some electric devices including smartphone supports a wide range of voltage from 100 to 240V. If your devices support 100V, a plug adopter is necessary.

Smoking cigarrets

smokingSmoking outside of designated smoking areas is frowned upon in Japanese society. Please do not smoke while walking around and please dispose of cigerette butts properly (smoking areas have cigarette disposal canisters). Please also read FAQ: 'Is there age limit in smoking and drinking?'