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Tottori Prefecture is located in the northeastern part of the Chugoku region in the west of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Tottori Prefecture is about 120km wide from east to west and between 20 and 50km from north to south, it is a long and narrow prefecture along the ocean. The North part is facing the Sea of Japan. The beaches have nice white sand and green pine trees. Thanks to the rough sea, the coastline also offers varied shoreline like strangely shaped rocks and caves. And then there is the Chugoku Mountain Range in the south with Mt. Daisen which is the highest in the Chugoku region. Even though we have lots of mountains in our prefecture, we are also blessed to have flat lands along three rivers around whichi Tottori City, Kurayoshi City and Yonago City take a role as principal cities of each area. We have relatively warm climate and get lots of sunshine from spring to fall but on the other hand, it snows in winter. The changing of the four seasons is very beautiful and Tottori Prefecture is abundant in wonderful Nature.